Off to Sorrento!

We woke up in Napoli this morning to an absolutely beautiful sunrise over Mt. Vesuvius. There were a few clouds that were in the way, but watching the different colors change was stunning. Also, all of the large ships had already come into the port and docked, by 6:30am! It was a nice way to say goodbye to Napoli…


Our airbnb host reserved us a taxi for 8am. Our plan was to head to the termini and take the train to Sorrento- but then I read a lot of info last night about that train (pick-pocketing, crowded, etc.), and decided to take the Ferry. Upon getting into the taxi, I let the driver know we were headed to the borrolo port– he said “No ferry’s in October…it’s winter time now”. So then I said, termini it is (even though we were skeptical of the train). Then, the driver offered his service to Sorrento- no train, no transfers, no hassle. We took it. I would say it was the best €100 we spent. He was very kind, informative, and even pulled over to the best lookout on a road in Sorrento to take our photo! 


Sorrento from up above!
Our taxi driver!
Sam & I near the Sorrento overlook.

Finally, we arrived to our hotel. It is absolutely gorgeous! It just so happened, when we arrived to check in at reception, Yasmin & Ashley were walking down the stairs! It was refreshing to see someone we knew! We went up to our room, and immediately opened our balcony door…it is a beautiful view of the garden & lemon trees!


Our balcony view of the garden & lemon trees.
We ventured up to Amanda’s room to surprise her we made it! She was so happy to see us, and it finally all came together that she is getting married!! So surreal. Here, in this beautiful city of Sorrento!! She was a bit stressed- her dress had to be taken apart the night before in three different places, and her mom had to borrow a sewing machine from an older Italian woman at the hotel. The older woman was very kind, but spoke only Italian. Amanda’s mom is very talented, and has been spending hours making sure the dress is absolutely perfect for Amanda.


The Italian woman showing Yasmine a few things about the machine…
Amy made Amanda an emergency kit for her Honeymoon!
Mäns wasn’t feeling well…a bit too much to drink the night before.
Amanda & Mäns view from their wrap around terrace.
We tied up all of her bubble favors for her, then head off to the isle of Capri! On the walk, we came across a military wedding- it was pretty! The views on the walk down to the ferry were stunning! 


Much bigger elevator than Naples! Ha.
Beautiful doors…everywhere!! Oh, the tables I could make!
View from the overlook outside our hotel.
Two beautiful views!
The views on our long walk down to the ferry – along the cliff side.
The ferry ride was so quick & an experience! 20 minutes and we were in Capri! It was pretty touristy, and not exactly what I expected for food + shopping. But, the views were insane! Unfortunatelt the water was too choppy for the blue grotto boat ride. Gives us something to come back for!


The super windy & choppy ferry ride!
The Isle of Capri.
One boat was named “Giuseppe”! Miss the little guy.
Mt. Vesuvius from another view!
The ferry we took to & from Capri.
Next, it was time to get ready for the rehearsal! It was costume only. Very fitting for Amanda! It was located on a closed in dock right on the water. They served homemade pizza, wine, and beer! It was adorable. Amanda was getting a bit sad as we left with her family- because it was another thing getting checked off the list as done. But, I tried to remind her to just enjoy every moment. It will go fast


The rehearsal dinner!
Jasmine + Belle!
Luigi is pretty lucky!!
The whole family!
The fox, Jasmine, and Luigi!
Mäns as the fox.
We ended up grabbing a few drinks with Yasmine, Michael, Amy, Brollio, Ashley, and Frank at a local bar right mext to our hotel. I feel so very lucky to have Amanda’s family in Sam & I’s life! Her mother is so very supportive and encouraging. Fourteen years ago, I would have never thought I would be sitting at a pub in a Luigi costume, having drinks with with my wife and Amanda’s family, before her wedding in Sorrento!!!


Our hotel at night.


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