First train, ever.

Early rise this morning- 6:30am. I woke up with some pretty bad whiplash. That damn segway! 

We packed up last minute items, locked up our airbnb, and head out to the taxi stand with all our luggage. Rolling 3 bags on bumpy cobblestone is not the easiest! Luckily, we spotted a taxi stand even closer than the original one we planned to walk to. Saved us 5 minutes of walking with our luggage! Not a bad trip to the termini from where we stayed, and only €11! Here, taxi service sometimes charges you per bag with your fare price. Goodbye, Roma!

The termini was much different than I expected, and I could tell that Sam was also a bit surprised on how much has changed, and also been updated, since she was there 8 years ago! No more old school flip boards- it is all digital! She was bummed.


Termini Board
We grabbed an espresso while waiting to find out our platform. Of course, this was not available until 15 minutes before our train left! As soon as we found out, we walked over, found our platform, and waited for arrival! When we finally boarded, we realized why people do not travel with large luggage. I threw mine on top, with the carryon, which did not help my neck. Sam was lucky and found an empty space behind her seat. Luckily– because her 50lb bag was not getting up on that top rack!


Our platform to Napoli!
The train is great. Smooth ride…and Sam is fast asleep! Almost in Naples already! With one day there to explore, we have a packed full day!



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