Last dinner in Rome.

Our dinner tonight was exactly what I imagined having every night while staying here in Rome. “Colline Emiliane” is a family owned & operated Italian restaurant. It’s about 1/4 mile away from the Trevi fountain- down and around the corner of two alley ways. If I never read about the food, and location, we would have never found it (or walked into it). 

One of our main servers was the son to the owner- his mother. He was very proud of every dish on the menu, and even had an entire list of dessert (not on the menu) which he rattled off to us in his broken English accent. They were perfect. We started with wine, red of course. For dinner  I had homemade egg noodle pasta with a bolognese. The portion was perfect. Sam had homemade pumpkin raviolis in a sage butter sauce. Both dishes were exactly what we expected. I’m inspired to make my own Bolognese + egg noodle when I return home!


Lemon Mirangue Pie.
I have always been a slow eater, and Sam has always finished before me during every dinner we have shared together (unless you count cereal). While here, I think she has really begun to enjoy every bite. We’re also both trying to get used to the Italian pace of service whilst dining. They do not check on you- so if you need something, be patient. They also do not hand you your check, or ask you if you’re ready for your check, unless you ask them! “Il Conto” has been my most used phrase, next to “Grazie”, of course.

Cool fact about Rome- dogs are allowed in most establishments…including restaurants! This adorable dog was sitting down next to his Italian owners during their dinner. Every once in awhile, the mom would slip him some pasta or bread. This made Sam & I miss Giuseppe so much.


I think he’s mid bite on a delicious homemade slice of bread!
One of our servers insisted on asking if Sam & I were sisters during the time he delivered us our delicious desserts. I shook my head “No”. He replied- “Cousins??”. I replied with a “No, not cousins.” He persisted to ask if we were sisters again. I finally put my hand on Sam’s leg & told the man “She’s actually my wife.”. He looked at us, shocked & not very thrilled, and replied “Ok, thank you.” While walking away. If she or I were there with a man- we would never be asked if we’re brother & sister. It drives me crazy. This city is not as friendly or accepting as I had hoped it to be. There are signs on nearly every other block that are against legalized gay marriage. 


Hundreds of these awful signs posted all over the city.
It’s actually a bit scary to be in a foreign country, and not know what reaction to expect from someone about who you are. Sam is my wife now. We have come so far, and we are so fortunate in the US. I refuse to hold back on anything we have fought so hard for.

At the end of the day, Sam is my beautiful wife. We truly did have an amazing time together here in Rome. Onto Naples bright & early tomorrow morning! This will be the first time I have ever ridden a train!

After dinner, near Trevi Fountain!

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