Last day in Rome.

Today we decided to wake up early & head over to our favorite coffee bar. We were up & out by 7:30am. It’s beautiful here in the morning- not many people out. Not any long lines to wait in. No vendors trying to sell you selfie sticks & not as much noise. We grabbed souvenirs, whole bean coffee, and Sam & I bought ourselves espresso cups- because afterall, it was out favorite place.


After coffee, we made our way to the Villa Borghese Gardens. 

We made a quick stop at the Leonardo da Vinci museum. It was interesting to learn all of the inventions he was a part of, and also what we still use today. They had models of each invention or sketch that he created. Just bummed none of his original work was there.


The Leonardo da Vinci Museum
I made the amateur mistake of not booking tickets in advance to view the Borghese Gallery, and it was sold out until Sunday. Therefore, we decided to view the Galleria Nazionale d’Art Moderna. The building itself was worth seeing. It was absolutely beautiful. We had lunch at the cafe’, and then viewed over 1,500 pieces. We were there for nearly 3 hours. The walk through the park was very refreshing, considering there’s not much greenery inside the city of Roma. We did have a pretty steep hill to climb before we arrived to the museum.


After we left the Museum of (Italian) Modern Art- we continued our way through the park. We heard live music playing up on a hill, so we ventured our way to it. Found a bench, and enjoyed people watching, while listening! 


That hat!

Of course, after laughing out loud to the tourists on all of the rentals they had been using while passing by our bench– we somehow decided it would be a grand idea to rent a segway. I literally make fun of people on these back home. It was €10/30 minutes! We took them the 30 minutes. I did not feel right on mine- Sam kinda got the hang of it. It’s harder than it looks. Ten minutes in, I went to turn down a side street, and my segway began to speed up. I couldn’t stop it from going onto stones, then over a barrier…and I crashed right into a stone statue. Only in Rome. I fell so hard backwards, with all my weight near my tailbone, and smacked my head off the ground. I guess I should have worn the helmet! Ha. Needless to say, I was embarrassed and in pain! Then, I had to wheel my segway all the way back to the rental. It was covered in grass. The guy insisted I get back on- no thank you, sir. Take me to the nearest espresso bar! Sam thought it was hysterical, but made sure I was ok!


The statue I ran into, & the divets to the left that my boots made.
Sam was all jolly. I never thought I’d be the one to fall!
Sam: “Why don’t you just get back on for the photo!” Me: “Keep me away from that thing!”
Next we made our way to the infamous Spanish Steps. Another monument under construction! The Piazza di Spagna was crowded with hundreds of people! Sam wanted to window shop down the famous Via del Corso…so many people! 


We made our way back to our flat, after stopping for gelato for the last time at Giolitti. It was crowded to the doors with people! Last time we came in, there were a handful of guests. Obviously 5pm is the time to het gelato- I guess it helps to hold you over until these 9:30 dinners! 


Another Pantheon stop xx
Our buzzer on the outside of our flat.

Speaking of…I’ll catch you up on that tomorrow. We have reservations at “Colline Emiliane” in two hours!



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