Long day, late post!

Today (Monday October 19th) we started off early! First, we decided to take advice on a great coffee stop- “Tazza D’oro”. This is located right around the corner from the Pantheon. Perfect start to the day. Sam ordered a double espresso + double chocolate croissant. I ordered an apricot croissant + double espresso- while also making the mistake of asking to add whipped cream ‘con panna’. I’m pretty sure I experienced my first scowl from an Italian. Needless to say, it was not good whipped cream, and I won’t do it again. Their coffee was perfect! Double espresso from here on out!


Perfect espresso 2 minutes away. Became a favorite.
After we had our quick espresso & croissants, we began to make our way over to Vatican City. En route, we stopped at the Piazza Navona. This was another beautiful area of Rome. Not many people out on a Monday it seemed- maybe they all had the same plan as we did– possibility of rain? Make it an inside day at the Vatican! We definitely had some rain- but most of it came down hard last night during our sleep. It was beautiful to wake up to the glistening cobblestone through the streets.


Italian DOORS.
A beautiful church near Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona
Piazza Navona
My beautiful wife!

Because I had an international plan for this trip on my phone- my maps continued to let me see landmarks, roads, and the little blue dot of where we were on the map. Luckily. This reeeallly helped. Although, today Sam realized I was looking at my map too much. We realized this when my head was in my phone, looking for St. Peter’s Basilica, and Sam said “Gina, look up…look up!” There it was. Right in front of me. About 500 feet ahead. 
Vatican City

When we finally made our way up to the Basilica, the line was about four hours long. We decided it would be a smarter idea to get in line for the Vatican Museum first, then see the Basilica. Smart choice- because upon exiting the Vatican Museum, we took the door to the right, which led us directly to the Basilica! The line for the Vatican was just about 3 hours long. It went quicker than expected because we were lucky enough to have 3 very friendly American women behind us. We chatted the entire line, and they even helped answer a few questions we had about travelling on the train.

The museum was more than I expected. All the studying in college never lets you appreciate the grandeur of the artwork. We took some amazing photos- but of course the memories will be the greatest. 


The start of our 3 hour wait…
Half way there!

Outside the Vatican Museum.
Altar inside St. Peter Basilica

The walkway through to exit.

The Swiss Guards


The Vatican is beautiful at night!


After our long day in Vatican City, we started our walk back home. On the way, we stopped for dinner at a small little rustic italian restaurant- “Vino e Camino”. The food was exactly what we needed after nearly 7 hours at the Vatican. Sam ordered delicious handmade egg noodle pasta with cheese & pepper. I ordered Carbonara. We paired it with wine, then of course followed with dessert and espresso. The espresso was not even close to our favorite morning place! The tirimisu was perfectly homemade, and the chocolate mousse was topped with homemade whipped cream!


Sam & her white wine!
Our dinner!

Chocolate Mousse + homemeade whipped cream.


We decided to stop to see Piazza Navona lit up at night on our walk home…and we got to see a live spray painter!


We were so tired after this day, that I nearly fell asleep on the table at dinner! We walked a total of 7.5 miles. 


One thought on “Long day, late post!

  1. Such beautiful photos. I wondered what happened to yesterday’s post (19th). Today’s photos were great also, it makes me feel like I am there. Enjoy your last day in Rome tomorrow. Love you girls

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