This afternoon Sam said “I actually don’t feel much like a tourist today”. Four days here, and we’re getting used to walking around to where we need to get, finding our favorites in certain places, and getting back home! 

We started later today- just about 11am. By the time we made it to our favorite coffee place, the bar was packed, the line was filled with guests that had handfuls of coffee beans to purchase, and allll of the chocolate croissants were gone. Sam promises an early start tomorrow (especially since it’s our last full day in Rome).

We took off to Campo de Fiori for their market that is offered Monday-Friday morning/afternoon. We loved it! It reminded us very much of Pittsburgh’s strip district, only all in one covered area- and of course in the center of a beautiful piazza in Rome!


Sam excited to buy her ‘cup-o-fruit’ from the proud italian man.
fresh squeezed OJ
We grabbed lunch from a local pizza place “Forno Campo de’ Fiori”. We decided to try four different kinds- which they weigh & you pay per kg. It makes complete sense to buy pizza this way…


Forno Campo de’ Fiori
Traditional white pizza
Sitting on a fountain…eating artichoke pizza.
After buying a few things- we thought it would be best to stop back at the house to do a drop off! On the way, I ran into the incredible art supply store that is right next door to our flat. I had some extra time & sat over near the Pantheon to do a quick sketch…


Fortunate to be able to do this!
We walked to Trastavere after our mid afternoon break. Not too far from us. We had a gelato from “Fior di Luna” and an early dinner from another pizza place “Forno La Renella”. The people here spoke little to no english, so we struggled a bit. Sam is a bit better than I am with certain words. The pizza was delicious. I probably would not head back over to Trastevere- and we are happy we didn’t choose to stay on that side of the river. 

We walked over the oldest bridge in Rome – “Ponte Fabricio” to get us into the Jewish Ghetto. It’s interesting how different all the Roman neighborhoods truly are. This was beautifully old. Even the people who are local to that area look different than the previous neighborhoods. We went into an artisan cheese shop, and had some great help from the well educated cheese man behind the counter. We grabbed 3 cheeses, prosciutto parma, and a bottle of red. 


Beppe e i suoi Formaggi
Artisinal Cheeses
Jewish Ghetto
The gorgeous Jewish Ghetto
We had an earlier night tonight. We walked just under 7 miles. I made the cheese/meat tray, opened the bottle of wine- and we hung at our flat for a bit. We also noticed while being in the flat more than usual- whoever lives upstairs is loud. I’m not sure what they’re doing…but it’s constant noise! Oh, and we only get one bath towel while staying here!

Hoping for an early start to tomorrow’s last day here! 

Next up- Villa Borghese + Spanish Steps!


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