Day II

We did a much better job touring today then yesterday …especially with food. The last thing Sam & I wanted to do while staying in Rome, was to get stuck at ‘touristy’ food traps around popular landmarks (like last night with our pizza). 

Today we woke up a bit later, and head out to the Colesseum & Roman Forum. But, first thing– we stopped for a double espresso around the corner from where we’re staying. Delizioso!

coffee = happy wife (x2).

Our walk was just over a mile with lots of sites to see along the way. We grabbed our tickets at the Roman Forum for both Colosseum & Forum- then made the smart decision to head out & grab lunch! Sam & I know each other well enough by now- we would not have enjoyed ourselves for 5 hours running off coffee! So we took the advice from our “Eat Rome” app & walked to a New York style bistro off the touristy path. It was delicious! Sam’s meal was exactly what we think about when we ask for ‘al dente’ pasta. And there was a huge piece of pork (we though at first was a meatball) on top of her dish! The inside decor was fitting- subway tile, accompanied by original hard wood flooring, with beautiful golden chandeliers hanging from all parts of the ceilings. Our server was adorable- and spoke broken italian. Most of the guests sitting around us were italian, and drinking coca-cola. We missed that memo, and drank our red wine & double espresso’s.

Caffé Propaganda- right before I failed to open the door correctly!
Our starter of Burrata
We shared these two, of course.

We took off back to the Roman Forum- and enjoyed almost 3 whole hours of taking all of it’s beauty in. While here, Sam thought of the most perfect way to describe us walking through touristy crowds– “Like salmon swimming upstream”. Seriously. So true. And I laughed out loud for an entire minute (while swimming upstream).


Just starting the Roman Forum tour
Temple of Romulus
Temple of Antoninus & Faustina
She had a thing for the headless women.
That smile.
A place to sit…? Selfie Stick time. We climbed that hill behind us!
My beautiful wife, with a beautiful view !
Next we walked over to “Arch of Constantine” – before heading into the Colosseum.


The Arch of Constantine & the Colosseum
Once in line for the Colosseum, we finally met 2 Americans who were friendly and talkative about their tickets..and how we may be in line for the wrong time- turned out, they were in the wrong line & we were fine!

S & G in Roma!!


Our walk from the Forum down to the Colosseum
 What a magnificent structure. We spent just about an hour inside to soak it all in!

2nd tier of Colosseum
Where it all used to take place!

After these two landmarks being checked off our list, we walked back to our place to plan the following 3 days. We are doing this all on our own…no tour guides. No groups. 

When I started to hear Sam’s stomach growl so loudly that it rumbled, we decided to grab a small dinner. Down below our flat is an amazing little place- “La Locandra del Prosciutto” – loosely translated into The Inn of ham. They serve wine, fresh cut meats, and local cheese. Such a great place to have right next door! We of course had wine, and a meat + cheese tray for two!


The lower level seating area.
She looks lovely in this hat!
All 3 great wine recommendations by our fab server!
After this- we went out for gelato …the same place as last night. Mostly because by this time it was 10:15pm & everything seems to shut down early on a Sunday! Yet again- even the 40-something old gelato server tried to hit on Sam 🙈. Proceeding to ask if we were sisters…then not believing we were married on our honeymoon & shaking his head. After that, lots of italian was spoken between him and his worker friend. Oy.

We stood outside and enjoyed our gelato- Sam did not spill any on her sweater tonight! 👍🏼

What a beautiful city Rome is. How very grateful I am to be here, especially with such an amazing and beautiful wife.


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