After a long day of travelling, we decided a taxi ride into Pigna would be the best bet. 50€ later, we arrived to our airbnb. The flat is located in a quaint little alley way with limited access to cars, and a 2 minute walk to the Pantheon. The taxi driver took out our luggage about 300 feet from our place, and said “Ciao!”.

The flat looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland. There are three keys for three different doors we have to walk through (very secure). The last door, which leads into our home (for the next 5 nights) is very tiny. Most of the ceilings in the place are low with a few very low beams (under six foot high)- not ideal for tall people like Sam & I, but really interesting original architecture. We’re happy our bedroom has higher ceilings. It’s perfect for our stay in Rome. There is one tiny shutter window in our living space that swings all the way open- so that we can hear the locals speaking italian. I love it.


our entry way

The limited access road outside our flat.

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