On our way to Paris!

If there is one thing for sure that the start of this trip has made me very excited for– good food. Airport food is not the greatest when you are running between one gate to another gate, just to catch your connecting flight. We had two options to grab quickly before boarding our nine hour flight to Paris– Popeyes, or coffee at starbucks. Sam went with Popeyes (grilled chicken sandwich), and I made the bad choice of a pre-packaged turkey and cheddar sandwich from Starbucks (instead of just choosing coffee). The cheese was definitely 3 different shades of yellow, the lettuce resembled that of the garnish served on the side of your diner meal, and there was absolutely no dressing. Threw half of it away. Here’s hoping our meal on this flight is …edible.

Looking forward to happier food posts about delicious pizza, bread, and homemade pasta!

Portare su Italia!


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