Finally, gelato!

Sam & I were pretty hungry at this point- for something more than an airplane dinner…


this was our meal on the 9 hour flight! 😳
After viewing the Pantheon, we walked around to find a good pizza. This is when I realized how pushy the hostesses in Rome are to get you to come in and eat at their restaurant! We finally decided on one place, and ejoyed our first Roman pizza + red wine together. Upon me paying, our server came back to hand the credit card receipt to Sam, asking her to write down her number. It was hysterical. Kind of. Until he didn’t believe that she was married to me & we were on our honeymoon together. 

four cheese pizza

After dinner we went ahead and walked to the Piazza di Montecitorio, Piazza Colonna, and Trevi Fountain. Needless to say, Sam was not very happy to see that the Trevi was under construction and completely plexi-glassed off to visitors…

Sam was not happy about this construction!

Last, but certainly not least (or our last)– gelato! We scoped out quite a few, but ‘Giolitto’ seemed to be the best one we came across. The homemade whipped cream on top was amazing!

10 minutes later, Sam dropped half of this on her sweater!


2 thoughts on “Finally, gelato!

  1. That Gelato looks great! Looks like you guys are getting a lot of sight seeing in. You probably are in bed right now? Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s postings. Love you


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