Off to Sorrento!

We woke up in Napoli this morning to an absolutely beautiful sunrise over Mt. Vesuvius. There were a few clouds that were in the way, but watching the different colors change was stunning. Also, all of the large ships had already come into the port and docked, by 6:30am! It was a nice way to… Continue reading Off to Sorrento!

Last dinner in Rome.

Our dinner tonight was exactly what I imagined having every night while staying here in Rome. “Colline Emiliane” is a family owned & operated Italian restaurant. It’s about 1/4 mile away from the Trevi fountain- down and around the corner of two alley ways. If I never read about the food, and location, we would… Continue reading Last dinner in Rome.

Last day in Rome.

Today we decided to wake up early & head over to our favorite coffee bar. We were up & out by 7:30am. It’s beautiful here in the morning- not many people out. Not any long lines to wait in. No vendors trying to sell you selfie sticks & not as much noise. We grabbed souvenirs,… Continue reading Last day in Rome.

Long day, late post!

Today (Monday October 19th) we started off early! First, we decided to take advice on a great coffee stop- “Tazza D’oro”. This is located right around the corner from the Pantheon. Perfect start to the day. Sam ordered a double espresso + double chocolate croissant. I ordered an apricot croissant + double espresso- while also… Continue reading Long day, late post!